These are the Tools We Use

Wordpress Content Management System (CMS)

Website Building Tool / Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is literally the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. In our opinion, there is no better CMS. Ask InfoMedia is built on WordPress. All of our Company sites and the sites we build for clients are also done on WordPress. We use Wordpress for 3 simple reasons… it’s reliable, easy-to-use, and highly customizable.

There are 2 Unique WordPress Websites:

1.)  Download WordPress and Associated Plugins and install on your own server (See Servint and GoDaddy Below).

2.)  Set-up a WordPress site, hosted by for free.  This does have limitations as it is not hosted on your own server – you will not have a unique domain name.

GoDaddy Domain Regsitration & WordPress Hosting

Domain Registration and WordPress Hosting

If you need a time-tested domain registrar or fast and affordable hosting, GoDaddy is an excellent choice. They have easy to use account management tools and their customer service is top notch. All of your domains can be purchased and hosted using GoDaddy.

Register a New Domain

Cloud-Based WordPress Hosting

Servint CPanel VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting

Cpanel Website Hosting

If you are not comfortable with cloud-based hosting and prefer to have your own Cpanel based VPS or dedicated server, Servint is a great choice.

We used them for many years before switching to cloud-based hosting. The primary reason we were loyal to them for so many years was because of their customer service. We could pick up the phone and get what we needed done in less than a couple of hours, at no additional cost.

If your business has extensive server customization requirements, Servint is going to be a great choice for you. In our experience, there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do from a server customization standpoint.

Servint Hosting Information

Google Apps for Business - Cloud Based Productivity Suite

Cloud-Based Business Productivity Software Suite

Google apps is the perfect solution for businesses that want a consistent experience across all devices with access from any location in the world.

The Google Apps suite includes professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, and a whole lot more. It also comes with the most up-to-date business security and controls.

Learn About Google Apps for Business

Zendesk Cloud-Based Helpdesk / Customer Support Software Suite

Helpdesk / Customer Support Software

Customer service is everything, especially in today’s day and age when a single bad review or mention on the internet can irrevocably harm a businesses reputation.

For this reason, it is important that you have effiecient and reliable means of communication between you and your customers.

Zendesk handles all the complicated technology so you can focus on efficiently servicing your customers and providing a great user experience… both of which contribute to great reviews.

Having used at least a half dozen different helpdesk solutions, Zendesk is by far the most affordable and best hosted solution we’ve used.

Learn More About Zendesk

Note: Zendesk seamlessly integrates with Infusionsoft.

BroadCastQ All-in-One Automated Multi-Channel Marketing Software Suite

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

For Local Brick & Mortar Businesses

BroadCastQ gives you the ability to send text messages (96% Delivery Rate and 90+% Open Rate), email messages, voice broadcasts, and Instant Messenger messages. It can also post directly to your Facebook Pages and Twitter Feeds.

It is ideal for local brick and mortar businesses (Botiques, Restaurants, Cafes, etc.) that want to save time and money through the use of automated marketing software that helps drive traffic and sales.

Some of the marketing features include: Mobile Keywords, Short Codes, Text to Join, Mobile Coupons, Mobile eCards, Mobile Voting, Appointment Reminders, Loyalty Programs, Multi-Channel Voting, QR Codes, 2-Way Text Messaging, and a whole host of other features.

For more information on BroadCastQ, send us an email…

InfusionSoft Automated Sales and Marketing Software for Small Business

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

For Any Small Business

Infusionsoft is one of the most reliable and feature packed sales & marketing platforms on the planet. It is perfect for small businesses (service and web-based) in need of a comprehensive, automated CRM and eCommerce solution.

As certified partners, we have been through an intensive multi-day certification process (in Arizona) that ensures we are able to answer your questions, deploy your Infusionsoft App, and customize your Infusionsoft App to your requirements.

In fact, this entire website is run with Infusionsoft… from the email messages and members area to the order forms and custom campaigns.

For more information on BroadCastQ, send us an email…

CustomerHub Membership Site Software for Infusionsoft Users

Membership Software

Ask InfoMedia uses Infusionsoft exclusively. As a result, it was imperative that the members area integrate with Infusionsoft. There are several solutions out there, but our number one choice was CustomerHub because it is owned and supported by Infusionsoft.

If your business is in need of a member’s area to deliver secure content and you use or plan on using Infusionsoft in your business, CustomerHub is your best choice.

Note: Other membership software solutions include iMember360 and Kajabi. Both require more advanced expertise to fully integrate with Infusionsoft. Of the two, Kajabi is the only one that can stand on its own and doesn’t require Infusionsoft.

Get more CustomerHub Info

SuccessEngine Text Messaging for Your Infusionsoft Campaigns

Text Messaging

Text messages have almost a 100% delivery rate and an open rate of 96%+ within the first 10 minutes. Compare this to email and you understand why text messaging is so powerful as a marketing channel.

Success Engine gives you the ability to send text messages as part of your Infusionsoft Campaigns. Integration is easy and the messages you send are cheap ($0.0075).

Add Automated Text Messaging to Your Infusionsoft Campaigns

EasyWebinar Automated Webinar Software

Automated Webinar Software

Webinars and Online Events have been voted, across the board, by industry leaders like Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes, Mari Smith, John Lee Dumas as being the most effective selling and engagement tool on the planet.

They can be bridge the gap of impersonality on the web to bring in a flood of engaged and excited prospect and turn them into buyers.

Right now you can get access to an awesome video series that will teach you how to implement a profitable and automated 6 figure sales funnel with webinars.

Register for the Complimentary Series

Note: EasyWebinar seamlessly integrates with Infusionsoft.

Add Functionality to Infusionsoft

Add Functionality to Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an amazing tool on its own. With that said, there are several functions Infusionsoft is lacking and this is where PlusThis comes in.

PlusThis supercharges Infusionsoft by adding GotoWebinar integration, Facebook Ads integration, Timed Offers, Human Dates, Video Tracking, Conditional Content, Split Testing, Event Checkin, and several other amazing features. uses PlusThis on a daily basis to improve user experience as well as behind the scenes automation.

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