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To help you gain leverage and by systematizing and automating your salses and marketing.

About Ask InfoMedia

For the last 12 years, Ask InfoMedia has been helping dozens of clients in the Chicago-land Area with their business technology and marketing needs. In this time, a common theme has emerged… we are hired to fix problems and address challenges that were the result of misinformed and/or uninformed decisions.

Almost all of our clients were making technology and marketing decisions without having all the facts – they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

Only after the results did not meet their expectations, did they realize they needed experts to help them navigate and stay on track.

If believe you are in a position where you need automation and digital marketing guidance, we’d like to help and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to start building a relationship with you.

The 1st step in moving forward is to schedule a time to talk on the phone to determine if Ask InfoMedia is a good fit for you and your business.

About Jeff Ellis

Founder of Ask InfoMedia and Business Technologist

Jeff Ellis - The Business TechnologistJeff is a degreed Bio-Electrical Engineer who has been an entrepreneur since 2001. Prior to owning his own business, he held positions as a Sales Engineering Manager and Technical Recruiter at which point he co-authored a recruiting eBook.

Unsure on how to sell the eBook, he dedicated his free time to learning how to market online as well as the technology required to do it effectively.

Having had success selling the eBook and several other niche products and services, Jeff founded Ask InfoMedia to help others have success.

“Jeff Ellis of Ask InfoMedia has helped me on several occasions. I needed a fresh new look to my marketing as my business evolved… It was a seamless and easy experience and I was thrilled with the results. As updates were needed, Jeff was always there for support. He also educated me on innovative marketing ideas to drive my business. I have recommended Jeff to many of my clients and colleagues in business. I would encourage you to use Jeff as a marketing and technical resource for your business.”

Mary Erlain

President, Peak Development Strategies



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